Introducing RoomDrop

Hotel Room Service and Order Management

Convenience for your guests and easy for you to manage, customers can simply scan a QR code in the room or use the RoomDrop app to order.

RoomDrop Features

We've designed RoomDrop to be quick to deploy for you and your customers, with minimal additional expense or replacement of your existing systems.

Use On Any Device

Developed to work on iOS and Android devices across smartphones and tablets.

Order History

Customers can see their order status and order history in RoomDrop.

Free Customer App

RoomDrop is free for your customers to download from the main app stores.

Geolocation Features

RoomDrop knows when customers are at your venue, preloading your menu to order in a few taps.

Quick Setup

User verification is very quick, avoiding the need for customers to fill in lengthy signup forms to order.

Order Dashboard

Statistics on the number of orders, time to deliver to the room and full order visibility.

Easy To Implement Ordering Solutions

Cost Effective Room Service App

  • Never have to print menus
  • Instantly update your menu or pricing
  • Customers simply scan a QR code in their room to order
  • Orders are sent to your RoomDrop app in the kitchen or bar

Easy to setup, easy to implement...

With location services your customer will automatically be able to order from your menu when onsite at your restaurant or bar. They simply open the app, select their room number along with the items for their order and send it to the RoomDrop app on smartphone or tablet.

How it works

Create Menu

After adding your bar or restaurant, simply add your menu items available within the RoomDrop application.

Room Setup

Use our room generator to setup the rooms you have available for room service, allowing customers to order.

Download App

You can use the app on a tablet to monitor your RoomDrop orders, seeing when new orders are placed.

Ordering Steps

Designed to be deployed with minimal overhead and works alongside your existing payment systems.

Order Management


Easily see statistics of your orders from customers and the times placed/delivered to the room.


You can configure the RoomDrop hours of operation to match your hours and also enable/disable ordering within the app.

Quick and Easy

It's easy for you and your staff to see incoming orders on smartphone or a tablet on your counter, handling them quickly and getting them to your customers.


RoomDrop allows customers to order within a few taps direct to their room, working alongside your existing payment processing for you to use your current contactless card payments or till systems.